Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Silver Lining of a Different Kind

Last week, a little more than a month before my 27th birthday, I found a long, gray hair. It's right near the front and is almost visible when I have my hair parted down the middle. When I first saw it while looking in the mirror in the ladies' room at work, I thought my eyesight was deceiving me. I compared it to some strands of hair that had been highlighted back in March. The grim difference is that the silver went right to my root. I had one of the clerks from the Legislative offices take a look and she confirmed my fear. She admonished me not to pull it out, which I had no intention of doing since I rather have my hair grow in gray than lose it. The thought of coloring my hair when the wedding gets closer crossed my mind, but I rather like my natural highlights and don't want to lose that just to hide a few gray hairs. I'm sure many women have had that inward and outward groan of dismay when they realied the Gray Monster was stealthily making its home on their heads several years before the big 3-0.

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