Monday, September 22, 2003

Mushy-Gushy Over Sports

I'm not a sports fan. Sure, I enjoy hockey, but by all rites I am not a sports fan. With this in mind, it was odd to find me getting a little mushy over a television tribute to the Buffalo Auditorium that Sabres Owner Tom Golisano put together and aired on Buffalo tv stations yesterday. The tribute seemed a little contrived at times with former Sabres and current Sabres trying to have some back-and-forth talk. It wasn't completely natural, but then these guys are paid the big bucks to kick arse on ice, not to showcase their skills at happy talk. And I could have done without this wave-action effect they had going on with the cameras. It wasn't a, take a shot at person talking and switch to larger shot of both guys talking, back to shot of second guy talking. It was a bob and weevil between the two speakers and an almost drunken wobble on whoever was speaking. Regardless, it was still a nice tribute.

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