Thursday, September 04, 2003

Back To School Envy

Even though it meant homework, projects, boring classes, and anxiety, I always looked forward to going back to school after summer vacation. Sure there were the moment where I didn't want my endless days of freedom (AKA babysitting for money) to end, but for the most part I really looked forward to school. First off, it meant new clothes. In other words, it meant that maybe if I studied that fall issue of Seventeen magazine hard enough and pleaded with my mom enough, I might just get that hot look for back to school. And maybe, just maybe, people will think I'm a little bit cooler than the year before. I was, admittingly, a bit of a geek throughout school. I liked to read and I was a music nerd. I also didn't live very close to a lot of my friends, so school meant seeing everyone after a long summer. It meant jokes around the lunch table and swooning over new crushes in the hallways. It meant gossip. I still love good gossip and news. So yesterday made me feel a little envious. I miss the start of something new in Fall. Elections don't count. It's the feeling that you can change and you can be better. That this year, it will be different. This year you will shine.

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