Wednesday, August 27, 2003

A Race To Watch, And Support

Last night I got Matt to turn on C-SPAN2 to watch the Howard Dean rally in Bryant Park, NYC. I've never really tuned into C-SPAN for anything, but this one was important to me. Everyone tells me Dean is a long-shot, that while he is an admirable candidate, he has no chance. These people drag out statistical figures and cite history. There's even a story in today's New York Times: In a Long Presidential Race, Dean Sprints about this. I don't care. In my mind, I'm not going to support a mediocre candidate at this juncture when I can support someone I can actually get behind. That's always been my philosophy. And I've stood by the fact that I'll support whoever gets the nomination. I just hope it's Dean. He gives many people solid reasons to support him. Check him out if only to learn more about him. Then tell me what you think. Maybe the optimist is coming out in me that says, "This can happen. We can really make it happen."

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