Friday, August 29, 2003

A Laborious Start

We're kicking off this Labor Day holiday weekend with something involving labor. My parents are coming down to Jamestown for the annual Labor Day festival and to meet Matt's parents. This means cleaning has been taking place in our house at a much higher level than has been seen the past few months. It means I will be grocery shopping tonight to buy essential food stuffs like fresh tomatoes, onions, cheese, real milk, and other goodies. Not that I don't usually buy regular groceries, but I tend to cut down on items that spoil quickly as we're hardly around to enjoy them.

Tomorrow we're headed to Buffalo to see Masterworks at the Albright-Knox Museum and then we have a college graduation party to attend for my cousin, Craig. I'm supposed to bring some sort of dish/appetizer to the party but haven't committed on what that will ultimately be. I may be scoping out the produce/deli section for something really easy tonight. One thought is to do the Chiavetta salad. This involves cutting up tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and possibly green peppers and tossing them in Chiavetta dressing. Easy cold salad. The other option is doing a caprese salad. Unfortunately, you can't eat it easily without a fork, so who knows what I'll do!

Sunday is the Labor Day festival and dinner with the Folks. We're hoping that goes well. We're both a little amazed that we've been together four practically four years, engaged for eight months, and our parents have never met. I'm just hoping we all have a good time and that it doesn't rain on the fireworks that evening.

Monday will hopefully be relaxing. I can dream, can't I? We won't discuss what's coming up these next two months, politically. If I disappear for days on end, please take it all in stride.

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