Sunday, July 27, 2003

Roadtrips to Nowhere

I really enjoy roadtrips. So does our friend Richard. Last night, around 11pm, he convinced Matt and I that tiredness was no excuse when we could go to Super WalMart! Since WalMart hasn't gotten around to destroying their current big box in the village of Lakewood and building a Superstore on that same site, we decided, "What the hell, may as well go." I quickly burned my Maritimes Trip 2003 cd mix, featuring music I heard while traveling through Canada this past May and June, and off we went. Matt slept most of the way to Bradford, PA. We weren't exactly sure where the Super WalMart was located. But Bradford, like many towns here in the Southern Tier, is so small that after driving around for 20 minutes, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

The Super WalMart was in a bunker-like area. You couldn't even see it from the road. The bright, secret facility-like lights glowing above were a tip off along with the WalMart sign at the entrance. The Super WalMart wasn't so extraordinary until we got to the food section. There I saw Grape Crush for the first time. Richard was disappointed that they didn't have any chicken fried chicken in the deli case, but we were tickled by snack pack of Fruit Roll-ups (four to a box). We got our purchases together (included the dvd of Notting Hill, snack pack of Fruit Roll-ups, St. Ives facial cleanser, and Aveeno Positively Smooth leg moisturizer - guess who bought all that) and took off.

We didn't go far. Perkin's beckoned. Matt got some sort of breakfast item that included hash and I got my traditional coffee accompanied by a toasted English Muffin with strawberry jam on top. The three of us eavesdropped on some of the Pennsyltucky conversations going on and laughed at various items. We then headed back to Jamestown at the early hour of 2am. It was a good night.

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