Wednesday, July 23, 2003

More Fair Stuff

The sun finally came out and there's a slight breeze. Much better than the past two days, but we're expecting some thunderstorms towards evening. We'll see if those pan out.

I finally got my ice cream (see Tasted Like Ice Cream), so that was good. I've been in constant contact with Matt this afternoon concerning one of our friends. We may be making a trip out to Cleveland this weekend depending on several things.

Otherwise, I'm hoping someone can lobby the Fair folks to get our tent moved back up front for next year. It's a total affront to have us in the back with all the Midway Rides. No one is coming through the tent! And we even give money to the Fair each year. Grr. So if you're reading this and are in Chautauqua County, stop back and say hi to us. We're right as you enter Gate 5.

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