Wednesday, June 18, 2003

At Each Moment of Time Around the World

I got to thinking about how people relate to each other in the world last night. Maybe it was due to being tired or too many hours at work, but I was fascinated by the thought that while I was sitting in my living room watching Good Will Hunting on Bravo! that quite a few people elsewhere were also watching it, but it was a completely different experience for them. I then started thinking about time zones and how if I was still in Nova Scotia I'd probably be in bed, while I was still awake here in New York. Then I started thinking about friends of mine from all over and the fact that we were all just doing our own thing, not even thinking about what anyone else was up to, about how the activities we were all engaged in affected other people or events, and how in turn that could somewhere down the road our simple actions in one night could affect a mutual friend. Then I started to wonder how many people die a minute around the world. I pondered if that could even be seconds and then the thought led to violent crimes. Why I was wrapping my mind around this stuff, who knows. I even started wondering if it was useful to read philosophy, view the arts, and whatnot when all that really matters is common sense and using common sense in our personal relationships. A man with no education may have better relationships with his neighbor than a man with a degree. That's not always true, but the point is that you don't need a Doctorate to be successful in your personal endeavors. I hate it when movies make me think too much and I don't quite reach coherence.

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