Tuesday, April 15, 2003

What is Your Version of "Perfect"?

Reading through some of my daily blogs, I came across one woman's definition of what perfect is:
Tall, thin, fits the definition of 5'0"=100 pounds, each inch over is 5 more pounds... so a woman of 5'9" should weigh no more than 145 pounds and less preferrably. She should have long hair, of an eye catching color -- basically anything except mousy brown. Perfect skin, poreless, with great arched eyebrows and full lips. Her teeth should be straight and white with no spaces. She shouldn't wear too much makeup. She should be athletic, muscular, but not cut like a man. She should be soft and feminine, yet strong -- like one of Charlie's Angels or Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider -- curvy and womanly, yet very strong and can hold her own. She should be confident, intelligent, calm, positive, caring, compassionate, able to fill the needs of everybody at all times. She should do her best to make others happy. If she has a party, she should make sure that everyone is having a good time and adjust things if people are not enjoying themselves. She should be instantly good at everything she tries. She should have a great sense of humor, be able to take a joke. On the job she should be the right hand man. The person who takes care of everything when no one else can. The person people go to for help, reliable, confident, able to hold her own in a "man's world". She should totally love and enjoy her work. She should have nice feet and nice hands. Her clothes should be fashionable, yet not too trendy. She should have high self esteem and tons of friends. People should want to flock around her and she should get attention wherever she goes. She should be this shining light that everyone flocks to and likes and wants to be friends with. She should photograph well, be the envy of other women, be incredibly lucky and not have to work hard for happiness. Her house should always be clean and neat and ready for company. She should be a good cook, have children someday, with the big white wedding with all the trimmings. She should know how to make a proper bed, how to set a proper table, and have the answer to every problem or situation that may arise.

She stated later that she needs to rework that into something better. I agree. The horrible thing is that reading through that I found myself nodding a little and agreeing with most points. Near the end, a small voice in the back of my brain called out "Hey, but don't you think *blank* is cooler? Do you really want *blank* or *blank*?". I think I want "perfect" but I am happy with a lot of things about me. I guess I always thought if I was "perfect" that I would be living up to my parent's expectations. I put a lot of stock into what they hoped for me while I was growing up. To an extent, I suppose I was trying to be what they wanted and not what was best for me. It took a lot of "rebelling" and very tense moments from the end of high school through now even to really strike out and do my own thing. To try to be the person I want to be. It's a tough thing to do. I just hope I can continue to find the strength I need to continue where I want to go.

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