Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Nature and Its Cruel Tricks

I took advantage of our 81-degree weather yesterday and took a fast-paced walk around the neighborhood, listening to the first Soul Coughing album on my cd player. I had the sound just at the right level where you can still hear birds twittering and the wind blowing leaves down the street. Mix that in with "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago" and you have a pretty cool rhythm established. It was pure goodness. I'm sure my legs and butt appreciated the workout as well.

Today is another story in Western NY weather. It's still nice outside with it being 66-degrees and sunny. I braved the cooler winds and went without a jacket when I walked to the bank. It's supposed to drop into the 30s tonight. There may even be some freezing rain tomorrow. My sinuses are in a state of flux and can't seem to decide whether to clog up for the long haul or drain. Oye. It doesn't make for sleeping well at night.

A last thought on the latest weather. When the air turned warmer in Rochester and nice breezes would sweep through the neighborhood, it smelled fresh. Being so close to Lake Ontario, fresh is a debatable term but it still seemed lighter and springy. Here in Chautauqua County, when warm breezes wash over the hills it smells faintly like manure. I miss my lake breezes.

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