Sunday, April 06, 2003

Kickin' It Old School

Matt and I had a blast today doing a shift as part of WBNY's 20th Anniversary Alumni Weekend. We taped the show, so if you want copies email me. I think it went better than I thought just because Matt and I were able to bounce off each other a lot. We chatted quite a bit, but you know what.. we could, so we did. There were some funny technical difficulties at points like carts not playing when you pushed play, so there was this weird dead air in between songs. I also discovered that I forgot how to take readings for the engineering logs. It has been 4 years though.

Last night we hung out with Matt's friend, Kevin, and had dinner at D'Arcy McGee's and then headed over to Mr. Goodbar for a beer. It was an early night due to daylight savings time and the fact that we had to leave the hotel by 6 AM (!!!). Matt did convince me that we should go to the last Sabres game of the season. Final score 2-2 against the New Jersey Devils. Good game though. Lots of tense moments where the Sabres almost scored... but didn't. I was pretty excited to see Rory Fitzpatrick play. He had an opportunity to score at one point but his teammates just couldn't get the puck to him. I think Matt and I agree that the general mantra of Sabres fans is "Shoot the effing puck!!!". So we're a bit tuckered out, but it was a fun weekend.

Tomorrow: Def Leppard in Erie, PA. Will we conquer the impending snow storm?

Addendum: Listened the the first tape of the show. The tape recorder recorded fast.. so now we have to figure out a way to slow down the tape so I don't sound so damn chirpy.

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