Tuesday, March 11, 2003

When Politicians Speak Without Thinking

There seems to have been a wave of politicians who don't know how to keep their mouths shut.

It started with Trent Lott (Republican who lost his title of Minority Leader).

Then, Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle (Republican who will not be running again for his seat) was accused of saying something with racist overtones.

This past weekend, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra (Republican who is up for re-election this year) slipped up.

This State representative in Minnesota has caused an uproar after saying his bill to strip gays and lesbians of state human rights protections would save America from becoming "another African continent."

Now Congressman James P. Moran, Jr. (Democrat) of Virginia has stuck his foot in it.

Well, you can't say the Democrats aren't at fault now. People are just stupid sometimes. It amazes me how stupid politicians can be as well. It's also pretty frightening that there are people out there who will elect and re-elect these people.

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