Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Saturday Review

I spent the weekend in Rochester. It was a semi-short visit mentally since I got in late on Friday. I was also pretty tired. Being tired can make any time away from work seem short.

Saturday morning my parents and I got up "early" to go to the Chase-Pitkin Home Show at the Convention Center. My main goal there was to see Vern Yip of Trading Spaces fame. He was late due to air flight problems and ended up just talking about the show. He was greeted like a rock star with women/girls cheering, wavings signs, snapping pictures. A few men cheered as well. It was a good time (he's so petite!), but my mom was disappointed that we didn't get to see him do the fabric wall covering project that he was originally scheduled to do. My battery in my camera died, so no pictures.

After the homeshow, we had a late lunch and then my mom and I went off to try on wedding gowns. If you're ever getting married and can avoid Dave's Bridal (chain in Western NY), please do so. It was utter chaos!! Thank god my mom is making my dress! I tried on three and the one I liked best was surprising. It's a little more fancier than the patterns I had been looking at. On top of that, our "consultant" at the shop plopped a tiara on my head and I nearly swooned. My mom said I looked like a "Princess Bride." I certainly felt like it too! Ah well... so the girly girl is going with brocades, sweetheart necklines, off the shoulder straps, a tiara, and god knows what else!

That night I hung out with Anne & Sean at Monty's Crown on Monroe Avenue. Sean was friends with the guys in the band playing that night, so it was all good. The band, Veluxe, was pretty tight. You could tell that they had musical training since some bands that are self-taught just don't have a polished sound either performance-wise or music-wise. Good times, but loud and smokey.

After that, I headed back to Irondequoit and stopped at Tim Horton's for a cup of coffee. While waiting at the drive-thru window, I looked inside and saw my friend, Ryan, so I yelled "Ryan!" Ended up going inside and drinking my coffee with him and just hanging out for another hour or so. Got home late. Phew, my clothes stank. Ick. But had a good Saturday. No complaints.

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