Monday, February 24, 2003

Something Fishy at The Grammy's

Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like CBS and The Grammy's were trying hard to make sure you didn't see signs of artists protesting a potential war against Iraq. I missed a chunk of the show, but I did notice that Coldplay's lead singer had something written on his left hand in black ink. He also something carved or painted onto the side of his piano that started off with, "Make Trade..". Then Avril Lavigne had something written on the inside of her jacket that she showed to the audience, but all the tv viewer saw was her back. But a few artists just went ahead and said stuff like Fred Durst cutting off Eve to say, "This whole thing with Iraq needs to end" (or something like that). He then went right into Grammy nominations and, I believe, forgot they were supposed to recognize B.B. King as a Trustee Recipient. Others took care of doing that later. I understand why The Grammy's/CBS might have been trying to keep the music event simply that (and not political), but part of rock and roll is being political in a way. Ah well. Bruce Springstein rocked my socks with "Rising" as did N*Sync (unbelievably!) with their tribute to the BeeGee's and I got chills during The Clash tribute by Bruce, Stevie, Elvis C., David Grohl, & Tony from No Doubt. The whole Norah Jones was no surprise. It was expected.

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