Wednesday, February 12, 2003

No Snow Days For the Big Kids

I jokingly commented to a friend on Trillian last night that I live for those mornings where I'm walking on my treadmill, watching the cancellations scroll across the television screen, and my workplace's name shows up. Of course it's never happened since I've worked in county government, but it did happen back in 2000 when I worked at the radio station since I remember having to call a county employee at home to get information. Sure, we've had inclement weather policies (you can take the day off or leave early but it counts against vacation/sick time or you have to comp it somehow). I probably could comp today, but I have too much stuff to do and my co-worker is home sick with strep. So off I go to slog through the wind and snow with the sun shining behind me. At least traffic should be "light" with all the schools in the county closed. Make that, most of the schools in Western New York all the way over to Monroe County. Even my alma mater school district (West Irondequoit) is closed! You know the weather sucks when that happens.

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