Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Resurgence of Snow

The Canadian Rapper, Snow, seems to have made a bit of a resurgence in the music world. After his hit single, "Informer," got buried under the drift of other one-hit wonders, he will be coming out with a new album this November. Since I live close enough to Canada to actually pick up their radio stations, I heard his reggae-pop tune bouncing on the former 101.1 The River (now 105.1 out of Niagara Falls/St. Catherines, ONT area). Canadian stations are required by CRTC that 35% of the content on their airwaves will be Canadian. These guidelines were created basically to ensure that the United States didn't quietly take over all of the Canadian media. And I like to think, in a happy happy kind of way, that if it weren't for these guidelines then we never would have great imports like Kids In The Hall or Sarah McLachlan (when she was a true Canadian import). But getting back to Snow: his old single, "Informer," seems to have popped up all over in-house radio stations in restaurants, playlists for various blogs I read, and aforementioned Canadian radio stations. If you couldn't stand Mr. "12 Inches of Snow" in the past, you have one thing to be grateful for where he's concerned. His second cousin is Steven Page, of Barenaked Ladies fame. If it weren't for "Informer," "One Week" would have never been as big a hit (according a quote by Steve on a Snow-fansite.

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