Friday, October 04, 2002

Clinton For President

I'm wholeheartedly in favour of Clinton for President in 2004. However, not the Clinton you think I'm referring to (ahem.. not Hillary). I'm referring to former-President Bill Clinton. The idea was brought up on a local talk show that while the President cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms, it apparently doesn't say anything about that President running at another time. If former President Clinton keeps giving speeches like this one in England, I don't know of a better idea. Clinton surely showed everyone in the E.U. and in the White House here that he's much more articulate and more able at rallying leaders to an idea than Bush. I'm liking this idea more so everyday. Bill Clinton for President in 2004. Yes.. I like it very much.

*post note* Blast. Just found out the Constitution does say that a President cannot serve more than two years. That's it. Darn shame.

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