Monday, October 21, 2002

Catching Friends In Town

Matt and I had the opportunity to catch our friend Ryan subbing bass for a band, South Central, in the Jamestown area on Friday night. It was really cool since I had never seen Ryan play before and there was the extra bonus of not having to travel far to see him. The band was good. A mix of Marshall Tucker, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, and some originals. Matt drank too much for his stomach, but the bar scene was comfortable. That's rare for me. Normally I feel a little out of place in bars, but the bartender was jovial and the crowd was more our age and laid back. Unfortunately, Ryan had to hop on back to Rochester that night after the gig to go to work, but I was still glad to see him. There's a chance he will be attending SUNY Fredonia for music ed, so that means we'd have another person to hang out with on the weekends (or during the week when you just can't wait for the weekends to have a drink on the town). Coolness. *nods*

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