Thursday, September 12, 2002

Off to do Advance Work for Spitzer

Lucky me gets to leave the office and go help with advance work for State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's visit(s) to the county. This is pretty cool since I've never met him, but have heard nice things about him. Things have been quiet around the office from my standpoint. My boss is going nuts with budget items, but that area doesn't concern me, so I kind of noodle around looking for things to do. I'm currently trying to figure out different things with my computer that in the end will make my life easier. Ha!

Traveling Again

Matt and I are going back to Rochester this weekend for the Clothesline festival. I mentioned this before but the weekend might have a nice twist to it. It turns out that Sarah Slean is also in town and I've always wanted to see her. If the show doesn't sell out, it would make for a very cool Saturday night. Plus, one of my friends who just moved to DC is in town and will be at that concert. Bonus I say!

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