Tuesday, September 10, 2002

A Lesson in New Buildings

I've been waiting the day they tear down my old elementary school and build a new version of it just down the hill from where it currently exists. The Democrat & Chronicle has a story today that says the District has to send that item to a referendum just in case the residents in the district aren't too thrilled with the idea of the school district spending even more money in an already very costly building project session. Blame New York State for that one. It may seem the easy thing to do, but really.. NYS screwed over several school districts across the state. They offered up this great building project incentive, offering up to 95% (I believe) reimbursed aid for districts wishing to engage in building construction. Schools across the state took the incentive and ran with it, even if they didn't need new buildings. Then the state reneged. Surprised? I'm not. The end result: districts had to raise taxes after promising this wouldn't cost the taxpayers a dime. Who do we yell and scream at in Albany? I don't know the answer to that. If I had more time to research it.. I would.

Primary Day

Exercise your rights! Go VOTE!! We still have a Governor's primary here in New York State despite what you may think. Andrew Cuomo and Charles King still appear on the Democratic ballot and we need every "D" to turn out to vote for the "3 M's" (Carl McCall for Governor, Dennis Mehiel for Lt. Governor, and Bill Mulrow for State Comptroller). Ok, that's my politicking for the morning.

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