Monday, September 09, 2002

Another Dark, Dusty Basement

Matt hooked up our washing machine on Saturday, so I ventured into our scary basement to help clean. Our basement isn't necessarily cluttered with stuff the way my parent's is/was (depending on your definition of cluttered). It's really dusty and full of cobwebs. I mean, really full of cobwebs. I went through with an old broom and just collected gobs and gobs of the stringy stuff. Ew. The floors are a mess as well since the concrete, or whatever stone it is, seems to be flaking away. I did wash two windows so that light could get in better and I also cleaned the sink in the bathroom. If the toilet worked, we'd have another bathroom in the house. Just perfect for those boozy parties where you don't want people tramping upstairs to puke. Of course, we never have those kinds of parties and most of our friends stop drinking long before they reach the puke stage. It would be nice if it worked. Oh, and if you're wondering why the basement is scary: we have one of those old coal-converted-gravity-air furnaces that looks like a huge octopus growling in the middle of the basement. You seriously could fit a body in its main cavity where the coal used to go. And there goes my imagination running away again.

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