Sunday, September 22, 2002

In Your Pajamas

I spent my Sunday in my pajamas. That's not to say I didn't do anything. In fact, it was a very good day. I woke up just after 10 AM, toddled downstairs and read the newspaper. Matt then went out and got some Tim Horton's coffee/bagels/doughnuts for us to munch on. Somewhere in there I checked my email and then went back downstairs because it was almost noon. And noon on Sundays means Trading Spaces! You can guess where I was parked for the next three hours.

After being a couch potato, I found some Lifetime movie to watch and proceeded to start doing some laundry during the commercials. The movie ended and I did some dishes with Matt finishing them off. I straightened the house, talked to a friend on the phone, ate leftover pizza, and watched some more tv. Sometime during this, the dryer (the "new" one) decided not to work. We're not sure what's up with it, but it won't go on. Perturbed but not willing to accept failure, I hung up the remaining wet items on a drying rack/over the side of a laundry basket/on hangers. It's all good for the moment. Matt will hopefully figure out what's wrong tomorrow when he takes a personal day (since he has to or else he loses the day).

I brushed my teeth. That sums up the day. It was good not to have to go anywhere and to just get crap done without a lot of hurry, hurry, hurry.

And by the way, Happy Birthday Sean!

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