Wednesday, August 14, 2002

County 10, City 7

The County was victorious in the County-City Softball Game for Charity last night. I was super happy about the whole event because not only did we win, we also raised boku bucks for our charities (hopefully will be $1,200 after the last remaining dollars come in). Despite some injuries that kept people off the field, or that happened during the game, it was a positive experience. The crowd was huge compared to last year when attendance was down due to rain and changed dates of the game. Quality Markets, who provided food free of charge, estimated that we had over 300 people there since they ran out of food at one point. Matt is a little bummed that the city lost and that he didn't go for a power-hit that could have won the game for the city. I can't say too much since I didn't play (believe me, it's better that way!). Maybe next year. I still can't get that bat-connecting-with-the-ball thing down. Ah well.

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