Monday, August 05, 2002

The Budget Bloodshed in Monroe County, NY

Listed below are links to stories about Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle's proposed 2003 budget. Read, weep, and take action:

Monroe County Budget Highlights
Human Services Cuts
Elimination of Cornell Co-Op
Cuts to The Arts

If you're wondering why I'm concentrating on Monroe County, it's only because this is indicative of what is happening or will be happening around New York State. Why? Two words: Medicaid increases. What to do? Contact your state representatives and complain bitterly about the burden placed on our counties by the state in terms of Medicaid costs. The state passes off costs to the counties in new programs like Family Health Plus, that seem great on the surface but in reality cut into the counties' budgets, making it increasingly difficult to fund non-mandated programs like roads and bridges maintenance. Sure, the state isn't all to blame for the financial woes of the county, but they are the main culprit.

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