Monday, August 05, 2002

Bocce Champion

I am now considered a Bocce Champion in some circles in Chautauqua County. The Italian Festival at St. John's Church has a Bocce Ball Tournament every year where the "Good Fathers" (priests from around the community) compete against other groups. First, the "City Fathers" (city of Jamestown officials) squared off against the "County Fathers" (the County Executive, two Legislators and myself) where we soundly thumped them at the game. Then the "County Fathers" took on the "Good Fathers," but were not succesful. Of course the game is stacked in favour of the "Good Fathers" since the boundaries of the bocce playing field are made up of kneelers. My "ringer" status was made apparent yesterday by scoring 14 of the 21 points our team gained in both competitions. I was even the topic for the discussion for a local talk show. So I've finally found a "sport" that I can excell at. Bring it on!

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