Sunday, April 14, 2002

Plans Dashed by Rain

Matt and I had numerous plans for this weekend that involved the outdoors (hiking, gardening, washing & waxing our cars), but all those were scrapped as rain moved into the area. We need the percipitation no doubt, but after being stuck in an office all day for a week, I was ready to be outside. Naturally, the weather is going to improve and then get nasty again for the weekend. Is there no justice?

How the Web Creates Minor Celebrities

With the proliferation of weblogs, some of the better written/designed sites are making minor celebrities of their owners. At least that's my opinion. Then there's the celebrities who seem to have dropped off the planet who re-emerge as their weblogs become more well read *ahem* Wil. The only reason I bring this up is because I had my AOL IM up today and Meg of "fame" had logged on. I almost hyperventilated and then sent an IM telling her I liked the link she provided to a crack-like game on the web. She wrote back saying she's glad I thought it was cool to which I replied thanks and said I'd let her go since I didn't know if she was being bombarded by any other IM's. The whole event made me think for awhile. Meg is just a regular person whose well written/designed blog has gained wide-recognition in the blog-world. I don't have the stats, but I imagine there's quite a few people who check in on her daily happenings. The whole thing has just been interesting to toss around my brain today. Now, I have a blog but it's different to the extent that I know for a fact that I don't have tons of people reading it everyday. In fact, I'm pretty sure I know most of the people who do read it, but can't be totally sure since only one person has signed the GuestMap *hint hint* *grins*

Alright, that's my Sunday ramble. I have to go take care of anything that requires water before the Board of Public Utilities starts flushing the water mains in our neighborhood. The end result of the flushing is something called "roily water." When you turn on the faucet after a flushing, the water comes out brown and icky. It usually takes a couple minutes for it to run clear, so I like to get stuff done before all the ickiness starts.

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