Sunday, April 21, 2002

God I HATE My Computer!!

My computer died this weekend. I just found out about a half-hour ago, when I talked to Matt long-distance. Blar. Apparently, our computer (which is only a year old) just up and "shit the bed." Fortunately, it's still under warranty and H-P is replacing the hard-drive for free. It just means I'll have trouble updating this and doing my usual email for awhile. Argh.

Other Weekend Stuff

The weekend otherwise has been cool. I got to see one of my friends from elementary school (and forward). I also got to see a friend I hadn't seen in six years. That was fairly rockin' as well. Sorry, had to get my "Singles" line in there somewhere. Actually, the weird part about this weekend is that I realized a few things about myself communication-wise.

A. I don't make eye contact anymore when I talk to someone. Don't know why.
B. I'm still very shy in groups or when meeting someone for the first time (or seeing for the first time in awhile)
C. That shyness translates into my brain turning off and my conversation skills going out the door

So that generally sucks, but it gives me something to work on in the personal department. Yeah. The sucky thing about it is that I worked really hard to change the above 3 items when I was in college. I did really well for awhile too. OH well :-)

I Got My Pink Card Back.. JK

I'm joking that I got my pink card back because I lent a book on bisexualism to a girl whose blog I read. She lives in Irondequoit, so I offered to lend it to her after she came out on her site. I thought that was pretty cool of her to do since I had so many hang ups about what I could say or where I could say it once I figured out all that stuff. Oh wait.. I still do! Yeah.. it's amazing how age, job atmospheres, and all that other stuff will make you change who you are. It was nice to actually meet someone in person after reading about their life for the past year (almost). I really didn't know what to say to her in a way since I realized I did know quite a bit about what her daily life is like. She has a lot of people who link to her site, so I'm guessing she really doesn't have time to read this blog. Makes for a strange trade-off in conversation.

Dad's Birthday

ALSO.. geez.. you'd think I'd have something to say about this. Well, tomorrow is my dad's birthday. It was cool to see him and give him his presents. I think we're going out for dinner soon. I always like seeing my parents for a visit. I think that's it for now. Hopefully the week isn't so crazy at work that I can't write something every so often. OH yeah.. all of you (friends) who read this and didn't get a mass email from me recently, please email me so I can re-add you to my address list. I think that takes care of everything.

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