Monday, December 24, 2001

A Very White Christmas

I’m carefully monitoring the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority’s website and the National Weather Service’s web page for Erie County for updates on how soon I should leave work for my Grandparent’s house in Cheektowaga. I think I might get lucky in terms of how bad it is snowing, since most of the snowfall is to the north of my destination. I’m still being cautious about this. And really, I’m more concerned with my parent’s drive in from Rochester. When it’s predicted that almost 2 feet of snow will fall on Buffalo today, and 8 inches has already fallen near Niagara Falls, I tend to sit up and take notice.

Christmas Celebrations In General

I’m looking forward to seeing my relatives. As every year, I’m paranoid that they will think their gifts suck, or that I skimped too much on the gifts. I think I did ok this year, but I’m not overly happy with how I did for my grandmother. She’s as hard to buy for as my dad. Well, like mother like son.

A couple of changes are in the air for the next two days. For one, it’s going to be very crowded at Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents. They’ve invited some people that don’t normally come over, plus I’ll finally get to meet my cousin, Craig’s, girlfriend Dawn. Tomorrow, the change there is that Matt is coming up to my Grandmother’s for dinner. That’s cool because I miss seeing him when the holidays roll around. On top of that, I’ll be able to relax Christmas day because I took the day after off. Just trying to be Canadian I guess *grins* (ahem, Boxing Day!).

And midnight tonight will find me in a church. It’s one of the few times my parents can get me near one now a days. I don’t mind the Christmas Mass. At St. Michael’s Church in Lackawanna, they have the Richmond String Quartet and chior do a half-hour of seasonal music before the service. I like this since they sing some songs in Polish. The service also has songs in Polish and the quartet plays too. I go for the music. Plus, I know the one violinist because he taught at a music camp I went to for a couple of summers.

Last Thought…

I probably won’t be blogging for a few days, so I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday (or belated in some cases). Spend time with the people you love and enjoy the time you have.

*smiles* *waves*

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