Monday, December 17, 2001

Spiritual Reading

A few years ago, Matt introduced me to the writings of Mark Salzman. Truthfully, I’ve only read The Laughing Sutra and now Lying Awake, but I thoroughly enjoyed both books. There are two others I must “conquer” now. The Soloist and Iron & Silk. I had the opportunity to read Iron & Silk a couple of years ago, but it came at a time when I wasn’t feeling like reading much that provoked too deep of thought. Rather emotional time in my life actually, and I didn’t need ponderous thought to accompany that. Ironically (perhaps?), that’s when I got wrapped up in the Harry Potter series.

Nightmares Abound

I’ve had nightmares the past several nights. Matt chalks it up to stress and/or pms, but I wonder. One of the more disturbing dreams I had involved this mass of people setting fire to the metro-area of Rochester. More specifically, Irondequoit. It was awful how all the burning houses created this swath of red across the sky. I was standing at the Fishing Access at the end of St. Paul Boulevard, wondering if I could swim across the Genesee River if the fire got closer. That’s just one dream. I don’t feel like writing about the others.

Laughing Awake

I did have one dream that was funny enough to wake me up laughing. Actually, Matt woke me up asking me what was so funny. I don’t remember total specifics, but I was hanging out with Matt and he was telling me about some new technique he had to practice for martial arts. It was in a book he was reading at the time while riding a city bus. Apparently, the book said you had to hit a hard surface with you hands. So he started hitting the plastic seats on the bus with his hands. The book also suggested saying a word to focus yourself. Matt took that to heart and started yelling “Pie!!” as he hit the seats. The other people on the bus were astonished. I was rolling with laughter at the image I had in my mind. This is when Matt woke me up. I have yet to tell Matt B. about this dream, but he’ll probably end up reading it on here. Sorry Matt, I can’t control my subconscious!

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