Monday, December 31, 2001

Pre-New Year

I don’t like to get too gushy about year-end reviews. I was part of one that aired 2 years in a row on WJTN. They didn’t ask me to come back to put in my thoughts on 2001 since I left so early in the year.

But quickly: 2001 began with great uncertainty as I waited to hear if I would be able to interview, then be offered this job. The end of March I left the radio world for the political world. Matt and I would go see They Might Be Giants in May (my first real concert in ages). The rest of 2001 will be remembered for ackward fumblings through a political campaign for my boss. Thrown in the mix would be the awful events of September 11th that I’m sure haven’t truly made its effect on me known yet. Matt and I moved into a new house at the end of September. My boss would emerge victorious in November. Matt and I would go on a much deserved vacation to Seneca Lake. We would see the new Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movie. I would miss home (aka Rochester) and my friends.

That’s 2001 in a nutshell. I should try the Mayfly Project and do it in 20 words. Here’s a go at that:

Interviewed. Waited. Left Old Job For New Job. Electioneered. Mourned. Moved Into New House. Election Successful. Missed Family And Friends.

Can you sum up 2001 in 20 words? Betcha’ you could!

Wandering Spirits

A brief moment of unease in the house last night. I had been showing my Hallmark House collection to Matt’s mom and brother. It’s on a ledge above the window so I was taking down some to show them and then putting them back up with utmost care. I was, in particular, making sure each house was visible from below. After that I went upstairs to do something and when I came back down I noticed the one house (a train station actually) had been turned around. I froze and asked who had turned it around. No one had. I got up on the stool and turned it back around, feeling a little uneasy. Nothing like that had happened in awhile, and certainly nothing like that in awhile. Ah well. Guess the spirits didn’t want me to forget they were still around, eh?

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