Sunday, December 30, 2001

The Blue Last

If you're a Martha Grimes fan and haven't gotten around to reading The Blue Last, then I suggest you stop reading now. This means I'm about to "spoil" the ending of the book. Ahem.. I will provide some "spoiler space" although it surely will not matter since this is not an e-mail.

I literally cried out when I got to the end of The Blue Last. I simply couldn't believe that Superintendent Jury had been shot, by a friend no less, and that the reader was left wondering if he died. I found out later that he does indeed "make it" since Martha is busy writing another Superintendent Jury book. Phew! I get totally engrossed in her books and would have been devastated if the series just ended so abruptly. Well, no harm now.

The Weekend

The weekend was "decent." Yesterday wasn't so bad. We lounged around most of the day. Slept really. Then Richard came over for a visit. That involved dinner at Applebees, some shopping at the mall, a trip to Wal-Mart and more shopping at Wegman's. Crazy stuff. We do own a DVD player now. A no-name brand (not really what I had in mind), but it works ok. We watched the DVD version of The Goonies including outakes and the commentary version. That was nuts, but fun.

Today, Matt's parents and brother, Dave, came over for lunch. It's Dave's birthday so we celebrated that.

Weather Update

I just have bad luck when it comes to weather. The northern part of Chautauqua county has been getting socked with snow (over 2 feet in parts) while we've just been getting a few inches here in Jamestown. The only thing I'm worried about is driving to Mayville tomorrow for work. There's no telling what the roads will be like closer to that snow belt area. Should I move? *laughs*

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