Thursday, November 15, 2001

Fan Girl

Ok.. I'm not.. I repeat not salivating over the thought that I will get to see Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone this weekend. I did not rush home to call the movie theatre on the sheer hope that they were releasing the movie early (only because the sign already said it was showing in theatres 1 and 6). Um... I'm losing this one. Matt and I plan to see the movie Saturday in Erie, PA at Tinsletown. The screens are big and the sound is good.. oh yeah, and the seats are good too. We're going to do some holiday shopping while we're out there too. I have to do something adult-like!

Phew! What a Week!

This is the week that won't quit. I thought life was supposed to get easy after elections. I haven't had a regular work day yet in terms of going in at 9am and then leaving at 5pm. That's ok. I'm using the comp hours I'm adding up to take off the day after Thanksgiving. At least that it is my plan *hehe* I hope it succeeds because I would love to get together with Sean and Anne. Every year since 1994 (minus last year), Sean and I have gotten together Thanksgiving evening for coffee. One of those nice traditions. My relatives think I'm nuts since we all gorge ourselves during the day.. so why the hell would you want to go out for coffee?? Well, back then.. it was a matter of just getting out of the house *winks* I also haven't seen Sean and Anne since who knows when. I think this summer when they came to visit was the last time.. or was it back in September?? Hmmm.. I honestly don't remember. That's ok.

Agriculture Summit

We had the first ever Ag Summit here in Chautauqua County today. I got to go. Whoopee. There were some interesting bits, but since I'm not in agribusiness or agritourism some of it just went over my head or I was plain bored out of my skull. I spent an hour (at least) thinking about the Fall quarter of my freshman year in college. You know.. one of those if-I-knew-what-I-know-now-I-would-have-dumped-so-and-so-flat-on-his-ass kind of things. *grins* Some quick background: my boyfriend broke up with me.. because he liked my best friend.. but didn't tell me that when he dumped me flat on my ass.. my best friend did. *grins* It's really funny now to think about. They ended up dating for 4 years or so. It was cool. The funny part is that he and I were able to hang out and I didn't have the urge to tear out his eyeballs. Well.. aside from the first couple months he and my friend started dating. Can you tell I'm a forgiving soul?

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