Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone

I have a new favourite movie. Not that you all weren't expecting that! Matt and I went to a matinee at Tinsletown on Saturday along with a horde of other people in Erie, PA. I could have done without the mindless adverts, but at least some of the previews were ok. My eyes were glued to the trailer for The Lord of the Rings. That looks like one exciting movie! Unfortunately, I probably will be hiding behind Matt during parts of it. I'm not one for scary stuff.

Harry Potter itself was great! There were parts I was surprised were not in there (the potions part at the end), but I did like how they re-worked the scenes with Norbert the Dragon to fit the allotted movie time. My favourite part at the moment would be the Quidditch match. I've been curious to how that would play out and I really did enjoy it. Plus, the guy who plays Oliver Wood is hot. *heh* There were times I thought I was going to cry. That's only because I was so happy to finally see the movie. Then there times I cried a little because it was so sad, like the scene where Harry finds the Mirror of Erised *sighs* I think if I had seen the movie alone I would have just bawled. But good stuff all in all. Hoping to see it again if I have time.

Dinner with Officials from Gjakova, Kosova

Friday night I got to have dinner with the Mayor of Gjakova, the new Sister City of Jamestown. The city of Gjakova, not the mayor. I'll provide a quick link to Matt's blog so you can get some background. It's easier than me explaining all the details.

Dinner was a lot of fun. I didn't really know what to expect. I knew the three people that were visiting really didn't know a lot of English, but their Mayor was really patriotic. Towards the United States I mean. It was a strange feeling, knowing that the Mayor of a foreign country is probably more patriotic than most of the Americans you run into on a daily basis.

Matt and I sat at the head table with the officials and Mayor Teresi. The main dinner course was lamb. Now, I don't mind lamb when it's in stuff.. like.. um.. well, I think I had it in a gyro once. It's fine that way, but served as a piece of meat by itself isn't too exciting for me. That's ok, I ate it anyway. There was plenty of homemade wine passed around. I passed in general (see past entry on holiday trip). Both Mayors made several speeches, and then the singing began. A couple of the ladies who live in Jamestown, but still know some Albanian, started singing some traditional songs. Pretty soon, everyone who knew the songs was singing. It was like being in the middle of a National Geographic special. I almost expected to see a N.G. journalist furiously scribbling away in the corner as he/she observed the party. I mentioned to Matt that it was too bad we didn't have any songs to sing. Almost a minute later we all stood up, held hands and sang "God Bless America." What a moment!

Matt and I will probably end up going to Gjakova this spring sometime. I don't know if I'm going for sure, but I hope to. I feel it's important to understand this culture and what they all have gone through these past few years (and more).

Thanksgiving Holiday

I will be going home to Rochester again for the holiday weekend. Don't expect too much in blogging during that time, although I will be coming back to Jamestown on Saturday. I really do love this time period of Thanksgiving until New Year's day. It just seems warmer and much cheerier. All the decorations and whatnot probably help. My favourite way to kick it all off is to watch the Macy's Day Parade. I insist on seeing Santa Claus at the end, no matter what I'm up to that day (have had to work some Thanksgivings). To me that signifies the true start to the Christmas season. I must admit that I do have a lot of my gifts bought already. That's cool though. It allows me to concentrate on other stuff like getting the house together, putting up decorations, and then finally.. making fudge and peanut brittle. The latter is really my most unfavourite part of it all, but people would miss it if I didn't do it. Plus, it's an easy gift.

So if I don't write again on this before.. Have a Great Thanksgiving!

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