Monday, October 22, 2001

"You have to do something wild and crazy before you turn 25. After 25, wild and crazy just seems immature"
- paraphrasing Janet from Singles

Well, I've turned that quarter of a century mark. I also just realized that my car insurance should go down this next bill. Hurrah! But anyway. Mark and the rest of the office embarrassed me (quite nicely) today by singing to me and having a cake to eat. I have this habit of turning awful red when embarrassed/happy. It was such a nice feeling to be remembered. I got so used to no one knowing or paying any attention. Last year was the worst for that. I did get belated cards (or just came really late in the mail), but the day was fairly uneventful. This year has been better even despite the stress.

Matt got me the most beautiful witch ball. It's a large, glass ball with swirls of blue and green in it. I think I'm going to hang it in the dining room in front of the window. I always wanted one, but they're so expensive. When I opened it up and saw what it was I cried. Half because Matt knows me so well to get me something I really wanted and half because I was so drained physically and emotionally. The visit with my parents yesterday was nice. We went to La Heradurra and had a good meal. I had flan for dessert. Yum! People think I'm nuts for going so bonkers over a pretty basic custard dessert. Blame Joe Fragiadakis' mom for making it for our Spanish class in 7th grade. I've had a thing for flan ever since.

I'm really starting to feel oldish. I think that quarter-life crisis that has been flitting around in the news here and there is not imagined. I'm seriously feeling like I didn't live enough during my youth or something. Not that I needed to be crazy or anything, but I feel like the fact that I haven't gotten to Europe yet (or study abroad) has somehow disrupted the "making of Julia." Maybe it's just PMS *winks* *grins* Nah.. I'm just feeling like I let it slip away too fast without treasuring all that I could. And I know that's not true since I can remember moments of thinking, "Wow, this is just so awesome, but it won't last.. so enjoy it now and try not to be sad that this time will pass too." Yup. That was me through a good chunk of my life. I think we all wish we were in some other time/place/year at some point or another. Human beings have a hard time living in the present. Something to strive for I think.

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