Monday, October 15, 2001

Perfect Autumn Day

This past Saturday was what I generally would call the perfect Autumn Day. It was sunny out, warm, and the leaves were still at peak. Now the warm part may seem out of character with a nice Autumn day, but believe me.. it fits into my scheme. Unfortunately, the morning involved doing a lit drop and I overdressed for the occassion (should have worn a t-shirt instead of the sweatshirt I had on). Fortunately, there was a nice breeze blowing in the neighborhood I was walking in.

After I got home, Matt came home from an event he had to do all ticked off. I remedied that by suggesting we go to the Octoberfest at Peak 'N Peek (or however it's spelled). The drive was nice. And we got to ride the chairlift up and down the hillside. That was cool since I had always wanted to ride the ski chairlift in the off-season. Plus, it was pretty romantic too. As mentioned in tons of other blogs I read, including Jenny's blog, there were thousands of lady bugs flying around. Several hitched a ride on our pants or jackets as we rode. It kept reminding me of my Aunt Carol and how she used to be a huge lady bug fan. She still likes them, but has moved on to collect other things.

The Octoberfest was mainly an arts and craft show. We bought our second piece of real art. It's a watercolor of a moonlit, winter scene. Beautiful dark blues. We still need to have it framed, but it's cool to have another real painting for the house. Local artist from Maple Grove of course. I also found a decorative, yet useable, plate for my mom. Not sure if she reads this so I won't go into description.

The day was great. We have both been terribly stressed out and this helped calm us down for a bit. We really need to remember to relax together more.

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