Sunday, July 29, 2001

My calves hurt. Urg. But they hurt for a good cause. I spent most of yesterday standing in sandels that don't really give good support. So it's my own fault. But it was for good reason!! I could have worn heels instead, but I was smarter than that.

To explain: my boss had his fundraiser last night that featured our glorious U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute. I've seen her several times (pre-First Lady, as First Lady (twice), and as U.S. Senate candidate twice) and have interviewed her twice (still have the recordings of that). So I guess you could say I was excited to see her but it wasn't falling out of my shoes excitement. The evening involved running around a lot, setting up/striking the set, making sure people were where they were supposed to be, getting more film for my boyfriend-boy wonder so he could take pictures of Mrs. Clinton with various donators, dealing with the media and schmoozing when I had a chance. Tons of fun. Unfortunately, I was so concerned with making sure things were going well that when I had my chance to have my picture taken with Mrs. Clinton, I'm afraid I may be smiling, but in a nobody's home way. Oh well.. the proof will be in the developing.

My "Mysterious Poster Bunny" mug arrived yesterday. It's sitting next to my monitor at the moment.. gazing blankly at me. I'm not sure if I'll use it or just let it sit mysteriously on my desk at work. The latest issue of Smithsonian magazine also arrived. I LOVE that magazine. It's my favourite with National Geographic as a close second. Does this make me a geek? I call it the effects being the child of my parents. Those two magazines were almost ever present in our household starting in the late 1980s early 1990s. I don't remember. But my parents were ever vigilent in taking me to historic places, touring historic houses/villages, going to countless museums (history, art, natural history, and others), places of natural wonder and countless cities. My mom took me weekly to the town library and a couple times a year to hear the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra or to see the ballet. I had a cultured up-bringing you could say. Something I'm tremendously thankful for.

*looks out window* Well, Matt and I were going to venture up to the Chautauqua County Fair today, but it looks like rain down here and the Weather Channel showed showers in Dunkirk. Well, sometimes it's worth the risk *grins*

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