Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rolling Hills Radio

Last April, I auditioned to be the announcer for the local, live-recorded radio show, Rolling Hills Radio. The former announcer, the most awesome Jason Sample, was stepping down after being part of the show since its inception. I hadn't done anything regularly on WRFA-LP in several years and thought it would be a cool way to get back into doing some on-air work in addition to getting to hear some great music every month.

Apparently I still had the vocal chops, as I've been with the show now since the end of April 2015. It's been quite a ride! Most people who know me know I'm an alt-rock kind of girl. I sure love my electric guitars and drums! At the same time, I also like some singer-songwriters and have been more open-minded when it came to other styles of music since I took History of American Pop Music as a freshman at Baldwin-Wallace (College) University.

Over the summer, the semi-annual Chautauqua Institution show featured Michael Gablicki from Rusted Root. Being able to be the Donna Pardo for this gig was the stuff of dreams. I had a damned hard time not fan-girling all over the stage as I sat feet away from the one of the guys responsible for providing the soundtrack to my senior year in high school through my early college years.

One of the other cool things about Rolling Hills Radio is the stories. I love hearing our host, Ken, draw out the stories from featured musicians about why they write, how they got started, and other fantastic tidbits.

Tonight I get to hear some more. Podcasts of all the shows are available on WRFA's website along with the link to where you can buy tickets to future shows too. Maybe I'll see some of you there sometime.

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