Monday, February 10, 2014

Undercutting Matt

Martha preps Matt for the cut
At least one hair stylist and one 1940s-Fan friend on Facebook posted a link to the haircut all men should get. I took a gander and agreed. For a long time, I've wanted Matt to keep his hair longer on top with short sides. Naturally, I schemed with our friend/hair stylist, Martha, about this new look.

On Saturday, he took a chance that we might have a good idea. In the end, we're all pleased with the result.
Martha begins the final style

Matt's new undercut

The new undercut style-side view

Another side view


Jay Phillippi said...

Can not imagine the popularity of this hairstyle. Never in a million years.

Julia said...

The funny thing Jay is that this is just an update of a hairstyle that was popular from the 1920s-1940s.

I think what makes any trend work is how it can be adapted from the radical (or runway) to every day. Hence, why the side of Matt's head isn't shaved as close as those pictures in the story link. Also, the way his hair grows makes it so he really can't do a severe part. It really does help to have an excellent stylist who knows her craft.

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