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While I might not be the most handy around the house nor have much of a DIY streak in me, I do enjoy reading house/design blogs. I derive great delight in before/after stories, especially when it involves good design overcoming some of the horrific things done to living spaces. Here are the sites I enjoy the most:

Young House Love  - My best friend and I talk about the Petersiks as if we actually know them. In fact, when they announced they were moving my BFF texted me about the news. The Petersiks' enthusiasm for DIY is infectious and it has been fun to be along for the ride as they've moved twice, had a daughter, published a book, and are now expecting a baby boy.

Door Sixteen - Anna Dorfman embodies cool. She's a book cover designer who renovated the Victorian row house she and her husband own in Newburgh, NY and rents an apartment in the Cobblestone part of NYC. She loves Morrissey. Need I say more?

Manhattan Nest - Daniel is a friend/DIY Partner-In-Crime of Anna Dorfman. He initially started his blog about DIY projects he had taken on in the apartment he was renting. Then the guy went rogue and bought a house that needs serious work. He's in the middle of it right now. You have to read this for the sheer spunk this guy has in tackling such a mammoth project. I think he's my hero right now.

Merrypad - I started reading this blog before I knew that the author, Emily, lives in Rochester. Based on several things she's mentioned, I also gather that she grew up in the county I live in now or in Southern Erie County (another prime example of the vortex).

Russet Street Reno - While life (AKA baby) has led to Sara not updating this blog as frequently, she has shared some recent projects that make me hope there will be more to come. Of course, (SPOILER), her family's plans to move to a new house has me hoping we'll be treated to more DIY posts in the months to come.

Hooked On Houses - I honestly didn't know until I started writing this post that the name of this blog's author is Julia! I've been reading this one only for a few months even though it has been published since 2008. Julia posts include houses you've seen in the movies, awesome before/afters, incredible houses for sale, and a myriad of other things that could fall under the "house pr0n" category.


Mmm I don't follow any of those. I'll have to check them out.

My go tos are
Julia said…
Thanks for posting your list! The funny thing about a lot of the home design/DIY blogs I read is that my taste is very different from most of what they all do in their own homes. I guess that says something about how they engage the reader because I keep coming back anyway. That said, I'd totally love to do a white subway tiled wall in my kitchen with black grout ALA Anna Dorfman.

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