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Growing On Me

The February 2014 Stage of Growing Out My Hair

Back in August 2011, I got the ultimate haircut by having my hair stylist/friend, Martha, cut my hair in a pixie style. My hair had never been shorter than chin length aside from when it was growing in as a baby. I decided at that point that I'd wear it short for at least a year and then decide whether to grow it back out.

This past August, I made the decision to grow out my hair. It wasn't so much that I disliked having short hair. In fact, the amount of compliments I had received after cutting it all off were almost overwhelming, but very gratifying.

Part of my decision was due to my dreams. I kept dreaming that I'd catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or be walking somewhere and that my hair was suddenly long again. I'd think in my dream, "How is it that I'm just noticing how long it is. Isn't it great to be able to pull it back?" or "How long it's been since I could feel the wind tossing it around."

The other part of the decision was the ever closer date of my 40th birthday. Granted, this is still almost 3 years from now, but given how long hair can take to really grow out I thought I better get started. I wanted to enter my 40s either with long hair or to at least have gone through the agony of growing it out.

Believe me. Growing out your hair can be pure agony. I miss all the fun ways I used to be able to style it each day. I grow more and more frustrated as each day passes since my last hair cut where my hair seems to lose whatever style it had. I've been moaning about how maybe I'll just give up and cut it all off again. What stops me is the fear of regret. Regret that I didn't have the stamina to go through with it and finish the journey. I know this sounds silly because it's just hair, right? Naturally, that statement usually follows a discussion about whether to cut it short, "It'll always grow. Don't worry!" Well, that's my worry. I'm waiting for it to grow.

Thankfully, I'm in the hands of a great stylist. Martha has made the whole process a lot easier with all the little shaping she has done each time I see her. Plus, I know that once I get the time and some spare change that she'll whip up the color magic and put those highlights in just where I want and need them. If you want Martha to help you change your life, you can find her at Mia Bella Salon (formerly 3rd Street-Salon 1) in Jamestown. It's a great little place and I've had plenty of really good experiences there not just in the hair department but in the mani/pedi area as well.


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