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Filling In the Middle

I wore jeans today because it's cool outside. Unfortunately, after a summer of wearing loose clothing, the constrictive denim is making me feel a little muffiny, and I'm not talking chocolate chip although I'm sure the one I ate this summer contributed. To add insult, I then read an article about how women tend to get poochy stomachs as they get older due to the loss of estrogen. As if that wasn't depressing enough, the article then added the punch that you cannot target exercise the pooch away and that your only hope to possibly get rid of it was through a healthy diet and general exercise. Okay, that's pretty "DUH" but still a bummer that it implies 30 minutes on the elliptical and then a series of abdominal crunches/exercises won't necessarily mean you're going to lose the love handles. Given everything, I guess I'll keep at my regimen of Zumba when I can, elliptical when I miss, and doing my best to eat healthy with moderation.


adrienne said…
I keep up a healthy exercise regimen and eat relatively decently, but I have come to realize that I'm just at that age where little things are starting to go here and there. I think the only way to maintain a 20-year-old body in your 30s is amazing genetics or a single-minded commitment to maintaining it, neither of which I have, alas.
tmthomas said…
This fits with some thoughts I was having about the image of me in my head versus the Stay Puft version everyone else sees. It's good you have the regimen and the discipline to stick with it. That's where I always fail.
ljc said…
I do like the words "muffiny" and "pooch" however.

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