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Two More Hours & We Have A Garden Again

After two more hours working on the earth on the back of the house Monday night, which involved uncovering more and more stones of ever increasing size, we have some semblance of a garden again.

My regret is that only one small rose bush seems to have survived the whole digging up/planting in a planter situation that I employed in an effort to keep plants from dying during the foundation reconstruction last summer. I'm not quite sure what to do with the empty space next to the steps now other than weeding the area.

In total, I hauled out about 4 dry-wall buckets full of rock, concrete pieces, and stones from the back of the house. Those are now deposited underneath our mudroom entry way. After several years of decomposition, I was able to dig out our compost to mix in some nutrient rich soil with the dry, rocky soil in hopes that one day it'll be a more hospitable environment for plants. Do you think that stopped me from planting some free flower bulbs I got at a bridal shower? We'll see if they grow.

The last thing I did on the back of the house was spread mulch. I didn't end up digging out the entire section because I could tell it was getting late, plus the soil was more stone than dirt. I figured I'd still lay down some mulch over what I hadn't finished anyway.
Next steps will be the clear out the vegetation and rocks on the sides of the garage. We have a feeling more masonry work will need to be done on the garage along with putting in new gutters.


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