Friday, September 24, 2010

When Summer Lingers Into Autumn

The mild weather when I took my dogs out this morning brought up a favorite Fall memory of one of those freak warm weather days in the middle of October. Sure, this is still late September but the idea we're supposed reach the mid-80s today is odd.

Anyway, this one day it was sunny and the projected high was 75-degrees. For once, we didn't mind going outside for gym class. I think our phys ed teachers liked to make us run around the track in super cold weather as a way to build character. I used their penchant for cold-weather exercise later in December to ask to walk around the track with my friend, Sue, instead of playing endless rounds of volleyball. Of course, our teachers didn't know it was so she could smoke as we walked, but that's another story.

On this one October day, the sun was terrifically warm and made the yellow leaves still clinging to the trees around the school property glow. A good breeze rustled fallen leaves around the tennis courts where we smacked balls at each other with rackets that had seen better days. For 42 minutes of class time, it was the best day ever.

Tomorrow we'll be back to Autumn and I'll be dragging out my hoodie to keep me warm. Today I'm wearing short sleeves and capris. Happy Summer-Autumn in the meantime!


Elizabeth Gleason said...

I snuck out early and took Kasper for a walk to soak up the great weather.

Mr. Social said...

autumn is my favorite

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