Monday, June 07, 2010

Time Changes

My main computer went kablooey this weekend while Matt was trying to do a back-up of it, so I've been using our laptop for the past day. I haven't looked at files on it in about two years, so I started going through old pictures.

If I ever wondered if those zumba classes, change of diet, change of jobs, and general change in a lot of areas of my life were having any affect on me...

Here I am with my friend, Lynn, outside Mojo's after a concert in September 2006:

Here I am in Allen Park just before Memorial Day weekend this year:

For those wondering, that's what losing over 20 pounds looks like on a 5'2 lady.

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battlemaiden said...

Way to go, my friend! You are looking fabulous!! We could probably all take a cue from you.

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