Friday, May 21, 2010

Dreaming of the Millennium Falcon.. again

Last night I had another Star Wars themed dream. I blame this one solely on the fabulous fact that I had just bought the tickets for Matt and I to go see Star Wars: In Concert in Hamilton, Ontario in July.

In this one, I was on the Death Star hanging out near the Millennium Falcon waiting for Luke to get his ass back to the ship so we could take off before it was time blow up the place. I ran across a group of emo/rave kids who were totally unconcerned about their impending doom as I encouraged them to take refuge in the Falcon. I sighed as they stood agape, watching various star ships start whizzing above the Death Star is pre-battle formations.

"They don't get that this place is gonna blow up pretty soon," I grumbled. "And where the hell is Luke? Can it really take that long to kill off the Emperor and then drag his dad's dead body back here? I mean, c'mon.. really."

And end dream. No. I didn't make any of that up. Still comes in a distant second to the dream of the chill party on the Millennium Falcon with R2D2 and Han Solo.

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