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The Most Awesome-Not Awesome Doughnut Ever

I had an odd food dream the other night. I completely blame Jenny's post on the re-opening of Donuts Delite.

In the dream, I was with a Girl Scout troop that was visiting/touring a local bakery. The bakery was located on Foote Avenue in Jamestown, but it wasn't Ecklof's (for those who are familiar) and instead was located where AJ's Hots is. The place had a kind of walk-up-and-order-at-the-outside-window feel to the place.

It must have been post-tour, because the Troop and I were standing outside where we were handed out doughnuts to try. I got a powdered covered, cream filled doughnut. It was the most delicious doughnut I had ever eaten! Even though it was a dream, I went into a kind of happy, sugar coma. Then there was one bite where I noticed something yellow in the filling. I poked at it a little and realized it was an uncooked egg. I was flummoxed but decided it wouldn't be there unless it was supposed to be, so I shrugged and kept eating. A few more bites in, another raw egg appeared. A woman standing nearby confirmed that this is just how the doughnut was made. The head baker (played by local restaurateur John Lisciandro) came back around with more doughnuts and I made questioning gestures at my doughnut as if to ask what was going on with it and he replied,

"Those are 'Ralph's'! Real popular!"

I stared for a moment at him but kept eating my doughnut. The combination of raw egg and cream filling made for one messy treat and I had to search out a stack of napkins. The Girl Scout Troop had decided to depart and was walking back to wherever, so I followed behind a little, thinking about those raw eggs churning in my stomach. Needless to say, when I woke up I wasn't feeling too hungry.

It did get me thinking about the fact that we're getting closer to paczki time at Ecklof's though, so hooray for that!


ljc said…
That is so weird because we have been talking a lot about eggs too - they are on the detox diet "no eat" list. An egg in a doughnut would be a great solution because I am always faced with the "sweet or savory?" question at breakfast. Would be nice if you could have both. But cooked - not raw of course.
Ian Eastman said…
A doughnut shop replacing AJ's? Let's hope this is one dream that doesn't come true!

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