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Miscellaneous Madness

It's crunch week for the musical with Opening Night this Friday. It's worth mentioning that opening night for Jamestown Community College Uncommoner's production of "The Producers" is sold out! Tickets are still available through the JCC Box Office (aka the bookstore) for November 7-8, 13-15th, and 20-21st.

What's the news? Let's break it out headline style:

Swine Flu Hits Home

Matt has been battling something stomach bug-ish that included a fever, achy muscles, and lots of reading time in the bathroom. We don't know if it was the swine flu or just some random bug. On the other hand, our friend's daughter was officially diagnosed on Friday with Swine Flu. I'm playing keep away the best I can.

Halloween Eve Brings Out Some Ghouls

Friday night, some hooligans rifled through both of our unlocked cars in our driveway. I was initially unconcerned because I don't keep anything of value in my car. Unfortunately, Matt had left his book bag in the car overnight and that would be the one item that was stolen. It contained some old computer coding books, our joint checking account check book, and our digital camera. Fortunately, Matt had recently transferred all the pictures off the camera to his computer. Unfortunately, we had to put a freeze on our checking account until we can figure out what checks were taken so we can have those flagged by the bank. At least we can still do bill pay electronically. Live and learn.

Halloween Fun Fest a Success!

I spent most of the past few weeks finalizing plans for the city's annual Halloween Fun Fest. Aside from swine flu, a marching band trip to Syracuse, and other events making my pool of volunteers dwindle so that I was in a near panic right up to the day of the event, everything went great. We had a record crowd at the Allen Park Ice Rink. We know how to improve things for next year. Most of all, it seemed like everyone had fun.

The Producers Opens Friday!

As mentioned, this is crunch week. We had a very long tech rehearsal yesterday and are back at it every night this week. It's going to be a fun, but challenging show. There are some pesky transitions to iron out, but that's what the next few nights are for. I'm nervous in the sense that I woke up in the middle of the night mildly panicking about music I don't have under my fingers yet. That should come. I hope! My parents and a Great Aunt will be coming down for the show, which is great because they haven't seen a musical I've played pit for since I was in high school. There are other friends who are coming in from out of town to see it as well. Between that and having friends in the show, it's been a lot of fun. You can't ask for more, right?


Jason said…
Busy,Busy. Hope Matt feels better.

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