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10 Things About Autumn

Similar to her 10 Things to Do this Summer post, Mary Kunz Goldman has offered up 11 things she's looking forward to this Fall. I naturally have to share my own list of things I'm looking forward to and hope to do over the next few months:

1. Enjoying pumpkin everything. Last year, a friend of a friend started an "Everything Pumpkin Flavored" group on Facebook. There was much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth over where to get pumpkin milkshakes at that time. This year, we were all quite relieved to know that September 1st seemed to be the magical day that pumpkin milkshakes were available at McDonald's and pumpkin spice lattes were available at Starbucks.

2. Fall music. I like to dust off and search out certain artists during the Fall like The Replacements, Sugar, Cranes, Tom Petty, Morrissey, Gin Blossoms, and other assorted artists that I discovered during the Fall months of my junior and senior years of high school.

3. Lynn & Tiny B's Wedding. This will be our seventh and last wedding of the year. It'll take place in a barn in Cassadaga over Columbus Day weekend. I'll be playing something still yet to be determined on the violin for the ceremony. I can't wait to celebrate this day with two lovely friends.

4. Leaves. I love watching the leaves change over and fall. The sound of leaves rustling across pavement in a breeze is probably one of my favorite sounds. As the trees become bare, the acoustics change around us, reminding us that soon there won't be anything to make the wind more gentle as it blows through.

5. Port. I don't consume a lot of port, but as the weather cools I do like a glass now and then. It's heady stuff.

6. Regulars at Forte. I appreciate the folks who come to visit our county during the summer and the money they spend, but I like seeing familiar faces again at the bar when I drop into Forte for a drink after doing the news.

7. The Producers. After our first pit orchestra rehearsal this week and finally watching the movie of this musical last night, I will say I'm most excited for JCC Uncommoner's production of "The Producers" this November. It's going to be a lot work, long hours, and such but the sense of fun to be had is great!

8. Time Off. My vacation time doesn't officially kick in until February but I have two personal days right now. I plan to put those to good use and take a very long weekend around Veteran's Day in November. It'll be my only chance at a "long" vacation for about a year.

9. Afternoon Day Trip. I don't know where we might go, but it's a personal goal to go on a road trip some weekend afternoon. We have yet to make it to Sprague's this year, so that might be the destination.

10. Autumn Clothes. I love the shift to wearing jeans and sweaters. It's comfort clothing.


lanabanananut said…
This post almost makes me think fall isn't so bad...almost.

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