Thursday, August 06, 2009

R.I.P. John Hughes

I really didn't believe when I saw that Matt had tweeted, "Can't believe John Hughes died. Believe in the curse."

I enjoyed a good many of John Hughes' films, maybe more than other directors/writers. I certainly never went to a party before that had its theme built around a guy's movies until a couple weeks ago. It was a fine party too.

Plenty of news sites and blogs will have better tributes than I could ever write. I'm still in shock. Not so much because of John Hughes' death, but of the timing of it.

Remember the "curse?".

At the time that was written, we were days away from going to Madison, Indiana to visit friends. Not long after we left, half a block burned down. We joked it was our fault.

I'm starting to take it personally that bad things happen after I've been somewhere on vacation. Then again, nothing has happened to Pittsburgh yet but maybe their road system and traffic is punishment enough. Either way, I'd like a reprieve for the sake of good people and cities. That, and I like traveling.

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