Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Whisperer?

Holding Lily while her mom eats pizza. Apparently she doesn't like other people holding her but she was pretty happy hanging out with me. Don't get your hopes up. Still not having kids.


Emma said...

"Still not having kids."

ROTFLMAO...I hear you! They're a blast to play with. But, boy oh boy, it's a relief to give them back!

Makkaio said...


I think it is getting more and more difficult for our Muzenews. We walked by huge baby posters at Gap Kids the other day and Muze let out a audible "ooohhhawwwww". I asked her what that was for and she blushed. Yeah...blushed.

Julia said...

Whatever. See the key is, I can still give the babies back. Lily wasn't as thrilled the last time I held her even though my baby quieting prowess was demonstrated several times before that.

Emma said...

It's quite possible...actually rather common, I believe... to be able to appreciate the cuteness of a baby/child and yet still not want one of your very own. I have friends who have some of the cutest damned kids I've ever seen. I'll hold them and play with them...even occasionally babysit. And then I'm MORE than happy to give them back.

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